Daily Paper 5/14/12


Socrative is a simple web-based student response system. There is no learning curve with this software, it literally walks you through how to use it. Great for teachers who allow students to byod (bring your own device) or for districts who may not have enough devices for every student. It's great because you can have one student on an iPad, another on a laptop and another on a phone. Any device that can access the web will work!!


Clearly is an awesome extension for Google Chrome. Good for distracted people like me when reading blogs. Safari does the same thing but I use Chrome most of the time. It clears away all the adds and clutter and puts the article is a more readable version. I just wish you could share it the same way Safari lets you.

Gifted and Talented?

Today I went to a presentation of the Gifted and Talented program at my son's school. I was really disappointed with what not only was presented, but what they did all year long. The presentation was about 15 students reading random essays they wrote during G & T. I was shocked, I expected some sort of collaborative projects or portfolios. No technology was used at all, I was bored out of my mind!!

I asked my son what he did all year in G & T and he said they wrote one story and did math puzzle worksheets. Again, where are the teaching of 21st Century skills? Why are these students not doing research projects, problem solving, collaborating and creating?

I was thinking about forwarding this article to the principal and head of the G & T program. I hate to be that parent (but I think I already am), what do you think?


Flubaroo is a great tool to make quick formative assessments. Great for multiple choice questions and true/false quizzes made with google forms. You set up to grade automatically and if your students have email addresses it will send them their grade instantly.   Here is a demo:


We all know about TED by now and I still don't watch as many of those videos as I would like to. But now they are branching out into specific educational videos through a YouTube channel. There are less than 20 videos right now but I'm sure that number will grow quickly.

Three Ring App

Three Ring app and website is quick an easy way to gather non-digital student work to create digital portfolios.

Super Teacher Tools

Last week at the Salem County Math and Science Committee "Show and Tell", one of the presenters showed us a really cool website. Super Teacher Tools is a website that gives you online templates for different games like Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc. You enter your content and save it. You get a custom URL to pull up the game. Make sure to save your URL!!